Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tractor Trailer Seat Belts

Over half of all tractor trailer occupant deaths last year happened when the truck rolled over. Most large truck drivers are killed in single vehicle accidents.

According to a prominent Chicago injury lawyer, truck drivers killed in a fatal tractor-trailer accident were equally as likely to be wearing a seat belt (39 percent) as not wearing one (39 percent). Seat belt use was unknown for 22 percent of fatal truck crash victims.

By comparison, 50 percent of passenger vehicle drivers killed in a crash were unbelted, while 43 percent were wearing a seat belt and seat belt status is unknown for the remaining 7 percent of fatalities

It's NOT only IF you wear a seat belt, it's HOW you wear it!

The injuries and fatalities from not wearing the seat belt correctly are due to blunt force trauma, internal injuries, and ejection.

Here is the correct way to wear a seat belt. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

Lets not forget our best friends either.

Even pets need to be properly secured. If large enough, they should be properly fitted with a seat belt or in a kennel that is properly anchored.

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